Consumers, Standards and Food Safety in Vietnam

Food safety is becoming a global issue and one of the top concerns in Vietnam. Food-borne diseases are increasing and will continue to increase in both developed and developing countries.

With a view to seeking ways and measures to enhance the role of consumers and the use of standards in ensuring food safety and promoting food businesses, CUTS Hanoi Resource Center, in collaboration with the Vietnam Standards and Consumers Association (VINASTAS), within the framework of the SESA programme “Trade promotion through standardization in the South and Southeast Asia regions”, organized two training workshops entitled “Consumers, Standards and Food Safety in Vietnam” in Thanh Hoa during 22nd – 23rd August, 2016, and Kien Giang during 29th – 30th August, 2016. The training workshops were held successfully with the participation of representatives of several food-processing enterprises, food producers and consumer associations in Vietnam.


^E420A9A0B63DB49842FB6DEA2C8559699E5B71921D156D910F^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrPresentations of the Training Workshops:


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