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Policy Framework for Vietnam-OECD Investment (PFI) – An assessment of Vietnam’s investment environment policies under PFI

Phase I

CUTS HRC has implemented the ‘Vietnam-OECD Investment Policy Framework (PFI) – Assessing the Investment Environment Policies of Vietnam under the PFI (Phase I)’ with funding from the Association Economic Development (OECD).

The project will provide “direct” assessments of the most prominent legal features and recent policy developments in Vietnam in the field of investment policy based on standards that are questions. of PFI.

Project results

The project identifies key areas of progress, identifying key gaps in Vietnam’s investment policy; Identify potential areas and steps. It recommends policy activities related to the field of law, regulation, administrative decision or policy documents. The research will be conducted for both governmental and non-governmental organizations (mainly enterprises and international organizations).

Phase II

Following the successful implementation of the “Vietnam-OECD Investment Policy Framework (PFI) – Assessing Vietnam’s Investment Environment Policies under PFI (Phase I)”, Phase 2 continues. implemented with funding from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Within the framework of the project, CUTS HRC drafted a questionnaire to help Vietnamese officials capture and answer large and small PFI questions while providing the necessary common information on OECD assessments. For Vietnam’s policy, especially PFI chapters under review.

Project results

Provide guidance based on the form of questionnaires and notes on specific operational policies and standards for the eight chapters of the PFI that will identify good practices related to PFI; Directly use the index as in World Bank’s Business Environment, Vietnam Provincial Competitiveness Index, or SEE Reform Index, to help Vietnam identify its position. address the questions that have been drafted; and indicate competent or responsible government agencies to answer independent questions or PFI small questions.