Consumer sovereignty in the framework of social justice, economic equality and environmental balance, within and across borders

Promoting Food Safety in Vietnam: A Case Study on the Presence of Pesticides, Chemicals and Harmful Bacteria in Vegetables and Fruits

The project is funded by Consumers International (CI) under the Anne Fransen Fund. The project period is March-December 2014.

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the development of the consumer movement in Vietnam through increased protection of the rights of consumers, by highlighting the implementation and promotion of such rights in the country so far in a research report entitled “Status of the Vietnamese Consumers”.

Specific objectives:

  • To protect Vietnamese consumers against contaminated/unsafe fruits and vegetables that are detrimental to their health and life
  • To enhance consumer awareness not only about their legitimate right to safety but also the status of VINATAS as a credible organisation which can help to solve critical consumer issues
  • To sensitise policy makers, government bodies and other stakeholders on the importance of more effective food safety regulation throughout the country

Expected outputs

  • A representative sample of fruits and vegetables sold in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang being collected and tested
  • A comprehensive report on the state of food (fruits and vegetables) safety in Vietnam being prepared
  • A national conference organised to disseminate the report to the general public as well as relevant stakeholders such as policy makers, government agencies, academia, media, etc

Expected results

  • Enhanced consumer awareness on their right to safety as well as the role of VINASTAS
  • Protection of consumers against unsafe foodstuff, specifically harmful fruits and vegetables
  • Consumer’ right to safety taken into account consideration in the decision-making process by relevant policy makers and government bodies