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Competition Distortions Dossier

The quarterly Competition Distortions Dossier is not an analytic and exhaustive research but rather a collection of articles and small analysis based on reliable published sources. It not only covers reforms and policies that the Government of Vietnam have put in place in the period which is likely to have an impact on the competitive process but also deals with cases of violations of the above-mentioned laws and regulations.

Standard Newsletter

The Newsletter on Standards & Quality (Standards Column) is published on a quarterly basis for advocacy purpose. The Newsletter will provide an update summary of news related to standards and quality not only in Vietnam but also in the regional and international context.

Economic Update

The Economic Update, covering one topical issue for each volume, is intended as an information resource for anyone who is keen on various aspects of economics. The updated figures and analysis on the macro economy, trade and investment, competition and regulation given in this paper, though inadequate and unclassified, would help the readers with more insight into the context of the ASEAN countries, especially regarding how these countries are striving in the face of the global crisis.

Lastest News & Events

July 25, 2016 - The Trade Competition Board is set to file a lawsuit against a leading energy drink company after an investigation found it had used unfair trade practices by prohibiting retail outlets from selling competitors’ products.
July 21, 2016 - On April 12 2016 the Federal Court of Justice rendered a decision on the issue of information exchange between competitors. The court followed the European Court of Justice’s (ECJ) approach regarding the presumed causal link between concerted practice and the subsequent market conduct of the parties concerned. The judgment confirms that the standard for illicit information exchange under German competition law is the same as the strict standard under EU competition law.
July 20, 2016 - FARMERS are being urged to know their rights when dealing with big business. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s new Agriculture Commissioner, Mick Keogh, issued a warning to small businesses and farmers to review any contracts before new competition laws come into effect in November.

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